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I have found an old program I now need to update. How do I set the property manager to match the codes _AL etc and which ones have changed? I have not been doing this, accepting your defaults, but I really need to do this with this program



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Wow - this is from Powerstation 1, I think. -AL is one I don't recognize, the others I do.

-c is the default in a project
-4Yd is /warn:declarations or Fortran > Diagnostics > Warn for undeclared symbols
/Zi is /debug, which is on by default in a Debug configuration
/Od is the same now, this disables optimization. It is also the default in a Debug configuration.

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I never owned Powerstation this is from Microsoft 3.3, which sells for 350 at the moment on Ebay. I tried it a few times, but it was not nice to my programs.

This is the batch file to run the program. I was in the middle of actually answering my own question and I logged off this site by mistake.

AL is the large directive to set your memory type - ie across segments. Same as $large at the start of the file.

i was just finding the others in my old manual.

Suggestion: make the old manuals available as pdf files, the differences are minor.

Time to change program from 3.3 to your current version 3 minutes in VS.

Do not ask which VS.



I turned on the warnings declaration, should be on by default is my opinion,

I got 16 warnings for variables passed into subroutines that did not used to generate warnings.

Warning 6717.

Fixed those - 2 minutes.


You used to be able to declare Implicit Character(V) and then define V with a dimension, now generates a warning - fix 1 minute.

Finally : [2j type codes no longer accepted - last problem.


Total time 1 hour:

neat and a lot of fun.

No data files so it is a bit of problem.


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