I am getting this error in one of my Fortran to C++ interfaces. Any ideas based on the declarations and interface code posted in the attached file?

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The "default" calling convention on the C side is to pass by value. Fortran's default for BIND(C) is pass by reference (pass a pointer to the variable).

Your C routine has a whole heap of int parameters being passed by value. To change the Fortran side to match the C side you then need a whole heap of VALUE attributes on the integer arguments in the interface body (note that the float/REAL argument is a pointer in the C declaration, so things match for that one).



(It's important to understand this aspect of calling C - if its not clear then ask more questions/do some background searches yourself.)

Thanks Ian. I'll make a note of the default calling convention on C side.

So by default C receives variables from Fortran and passes variables to Fortran by value while by default Fortran will receive and pass variables by reference.

Are REAL/float variable declarations always pointers in C?

iso_c_binding in ifort works the same as in public postings. The default on the Fortran side is to pass a pointer value, so it looks like by reference on the C side, in fact ought to work with the C++ reference extension of extern "C". To receive a value on the C side, you add the value specifier on the Fortran side. It's the same with integer or real.

Hi Tim, what do you mean that the binding works the same as in "public postings"?

There are several good articles on iso_c_binding you will find in a browser search. Any article about standard Fortran is good.

Thanks. I've been reading up a bit online as I code.

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