Error LNK 1104: "cannot open file 'uuid.lib"

Error LNK 1104: "cannot open file 'uuid.lib"

Dear all,

I am currently compiling a file.exe with a batch file .bat.
I have dowloaded the trial version of Intel Fortran Composer XE.
I have downloaded the trial version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 called exactly:"VS2008ProEdition90dayTrialENUX1435622".

Unfortunately, I have had one problem:
"Link : Fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "uuid.lib"

I know there is a file called:"Uuid.lib.A5B1E28F_CA20_4A9D_B6FE_9435A327D8C9" in "VS2008ProEdition90dayTrialENUX1435622\\". I have tried to copy and rename this file (just uuid.lib) but another problemsappear (problem concerning libraries like libcmt.lib, libirc.lib, ...)

I havefound that someone had ever had this kind of problem on this topic:

I have followed the instructions (I guess), but it does not work.
Please could you help me?


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You need to have the Windows Platform SDK library folder installed and in your list of library files. It could be that when you installed the VS2008 trial you left out the Windows SDK component. It also sounds as if you left out Visual C++ entirely.

Please uninstall Fortran. Reinstall VS2008, making sure that the Visual C++ component is selected. If you will be doing 64-bit development, you will need to select a "Custom" install and check the box for "64-bit compiler and tools". Make sure that the Windows SDK is installed (will probably be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A or something like that) and that it has UUID.LIB in one of the subfolders.

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Quoting beauvaim...
"Link : Fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "uuid.lib"
Please could you help me?

Here are some technical details for 'uuid.lib' dynamic link library:

Microsoft Platform SDK ( any versionoryear ) - Included
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition -Included
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition - Not Included
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition - Not Included

Best regards,

Sergey, I deleted your post where you attached a copy of uuid.lib - that is not redistributable. It is in the free Windows SDK, as I noted.

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