Printout Color Coding for f90 files

Printout Color Coding for f90 files

I have two questions:

I am using Intel Visual Fortran Compiler XE (Update 9).

a) Under version 11, when I open the project and print a *.f90 file to printer or PDF, I used to get the printout in color. In Version 12, only the line number is printed out in color and everything else is in B&W. Is there a special setting I need to use in VS2010 + XE Update 9 ?

b) I use '/Qopenmp-link:static' for linking. In the new version, I get a warning that it is deparcated. What's the equivalent in the new version?


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Hi Sara,

a) Color printing was removed in Visual Studio 2010, but Microsoft is offering a color printing extension.

b) The static openmp libraries are depreciated. If you can it is better to use the dynamic libraries which are the default.

FWIW you can:

open the file in VS 2010
click on file window
Open Word for Windows
File | Print

Jim Dempsey

Thanks annalee and jimdempseyatthecove. The color printing issue is resolved after installing the add on.

Regarding the Static linking for OpenMP: I have to do a static linking as the executable is going to be used on different computers that do not have the supporting dynamic DLLs for OpenMP. Would it be best to link statically or dynamically. If I link dynamically don't I have to put "libiomp5md.dll" in the same directory as the EXE? With version 10, I was able to do the static linking without getting the deprecated message.

I recommend that you not try to link to the static OpenMP library as it will be removed as of a release later this year. Yes, you will need to have libiomp5md.dll in the executable folder, or somewhere on PATH. You could also install the Intel Compiler Redistributables package on the target system.

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