Using Fortran Editor for other files

Using Fortran Editor for other files

I have lots of .par and .inc files in my Fortran - is there any way to tell VS2010 to use the Fortran editor for those extensions?

"Fortran" is not an option in Tools|Options|Text Editor|File Extension...

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Tools > Options > Intel Visual Fortran > General > Fixed Format Extension and Free Format Extension.

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Thanks Steve -I knew it must be in there somewhere!


Actually, I seem to have spoken too soon - it doesn't seem to work. I was looking for something that would syntax highlight those files like Fortran. Setting those custom extensions doesn't make any difference to how the files are displayed in the editor.

In VS6 you used to be able to specify the "language" to show any file in (though this setting was not permanenet - annoyingly!). Can't you do that in Fortran for VS2010?

(I'm on Win7 x64 if that makes any difference)

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It doesn't work like VS6. Be sure you close and reopen VS2010. And be sure you are running the current version (Update 9), as we had some issues with non-default file types in earlier updates.

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Update 9 did the trick - great!

Thanks again.

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