Working with Visual Studio 2010

Working with Visual Studio 2010

I am new to the Intel Fortran Compiler, and having some problems/questions working with Visual Studio 2010:

(1) As i update the code couple iterations on the same area of the newly updated code, i found that the left of these newly added codes have a light-bluish bar shown, and the stepping-through debugging just bypass these codes. It seems there be some 'state' of previous compiled code image exists that remain and preventing the introducing of newly added code.

(2) I am testing the same sets of soruce code with different set of input/output files. It seems if encountering some exception, this exceptionlikely also happened to next few set of files. However, if testing with these files in different sequence, then exceptions stop shown for many of the subsequently executed set files.

Can someone help on these?


Howard Lee

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I can't recall seeing a "light bluish bar". Can you attach a screenshot? There is no "state" retained - if you change the source and build the project, the changes should be compiled.

Please provide details on the "some exception".

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Edited lines are marked with a pale yellow bar in the margin. It turns green after a build or file save and dissapears if you close and then open the file again. It is useful occasionally. It is the same in VS2008

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