Where Did Tools>>Macros Go in VS2010?

Where Did Tools>>Macros Go in VS2010?

I just upgraded from IVF 11 with its incorporated VS2008 shellto IVF 12 with its VS2010 shell, and cannot find anything that compares to the former Tools>>Macros menu item. The Help is no help at all.

Do I now have to buy the entire MS VS in order to reclaim my editor macros?

Thanks and God bless!
Jack O'Sullivan

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Unfortunately the VS2010 shell does not include macros. You will have to buy a full version of Visual Studio in order to get macros.


Thanks for the info, Annalee.
Guess it's just one more case of the all-too-frequent things getting worse when they get "improved" ;-)

Thanks again and God bless!

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