where can put my (dll, lib) files to compile project??

where can put my (dll, lib) files to compile project??


I found in a website a scientific program in fortran (http://www.zdplaskin.laplace.univ-tlse.fr).
It consists of :
- 3 fortran program source
- 2 data files (.dat , .inp)
- 3 dll files
- 3 files dll. lib

you can find the folder in attached file.

to work with this project we must run by order :
1 - preprocessor (ask u file of input data, we write kinet.inp/ after ask u name of file to write we can give it zdplaskin_m.f90)
the first step is not important for me because I did it and no problem.

2 - we must run the three fortran files (1- dvode_f90_m.F90 // 2- zdplaskin_m.f90 // 3- tes_arg.f90)
but those 3 files need three (dll, lib) files.

My question is :
how and where I can put my (dll, lib) to compile my fortran files without problem???

because I tried and no solution.

you can files in attached files, or link : http://www.zdplaskin.laplace.univ-tlse.fr/examples/01/

thanks before for all and for Intel company for this forum and for help

kind regrads


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If I understood you correctly, you want the Fortran files (.f90) to be compiled and linked to give an .exe.
Then you want to run this .exe.

If you use Visual Studio (VS), create a project, add the .f90 files to be compiled and add the .lib files to the project (I assume the .lib files are import libraries for your .DLLs). If everything compiles without error and nothing is missing, then you will find a .exe in the default subdirectories Debug or Release (depends which configuration is built).
Then, if you start your program (.exe) from within VS, your program searches for the .DLLs in the following directories (dir):
1. the local dir where the .exe is located (probably in ...\Debug or ...\Release)
2. project path (the dir where the project file .vfproj is located)
3. in a directory set by the environment variable PATH
If you do not start your .exe from within VS then only 1 & 3 apply.

Hope this helps.

Jrg Kuthe
QT software

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