Warning during libifport.dll initialization

Warning during libifport.dll initialization

Suddenly, this morning, my executable returns the following message box:

"Warning during libifport.dll initialization"
"Non-compatable (sic) version of Fortran libifcore DLL was loaded to process address space"

Any ideas about where this is coming from and how I should address this issue? This is with IVF 10.1 and VS2005.



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Make sure your EXE links to the DLL version of the Fortran libraries and that both the EXE and DLL link to the non-debug libraries. I don't know what would cause it "suddenly" to appear, but there is a problem when a DLL links to libifport but the EXE links to the static libraries (or the different debug/nondebug DLLs).

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After running depends on my debug executable, I realized thatthe version of LIBIFPORTMD.DLL linked there is whereas it should be (just like the other DLLs shipped with the 10.1 compiler). The SysWOW64 and System32folders contains this newer version of LIBIFPORTMD.DLL and I suppose that this is where it is being linked from.
The workaround was to manually place LIBIFPORTMD.dll (the one that ships with the compiler) directly in the Debug folder of my code.
Now I have no idea why the release version of the code works without such a manual change,(because it also links newer versions of the libraries than the ones coming with IVF 10.1.

The libraries I link in my code are: mkl_c_dll.lib mkl_lapack95.lib mkl_blas95.lib libguide40.lib; I use the /libs:dll /threads and /Qopenmp options; IVF 10.1 and VS 2005.


For the most part, the libraries provided by ifort 11.1 should work with objects built by ifort 10.1 (but not the other way around). It's not generally desirable to put the ifort dlls in syswow64 and system32 rather than using the ifort xxxxvars.bat or Visual Studio integration to put them on PATH; difficulties in switching between debug and release and back to older compilers are symptoms of the problems you may see.

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