XE composer with IMSL Licensing downgrade

XE composer with IMSL Licensing downgrade

Hello, I currently holding a licence for Intel Fortran Compiler with IMSL,

I understand from my discussions with my supplier that I am entitled to a free upgrade for XE composer with IMSL.

After having study our use and the new licensing attached with IMSL we have decided to drop the use of IMSL.

I would like to know if I can upgrade to XE composer (without IMSL) for free as I am very keen to use the latest version of the compiler and may not want to wait for XE composer with IMSL to come out as we would not use the IMSL component anyway.



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Yes, you can. See here. The way you do it is buy a support renewal for Visual Fortran Composer XE (without IMSL) and, when you register it, you can apply it to your "with IMSL" license. Please be aware that a support renewal adds 12 months to the expiration of your previous license.

I will comment that Visual Fortran Composer XE with IMSL will finally be available tomorrow (9/6).

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Thank you steve. I shall install the xe composer with imsl version.

Hello again, I now have a licence for 2013 without imsl.

Before i try,

I would like to know if there are any contraindications to try installing XE with IMSL and xe composer 2013.

Can they coexist ?

I have installed xe composer 2013 already. If they can coexist I am right to assume that I should instal xe composer first then install xe composer 2013.

Yes, they can coexist. Yes, that install order is best.

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OK thank you

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