My menu, toolbar & stsatus bar have disapeared

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I have reported this problem to Premier Support.
Why is it givig an error and not displaying the dialog?
Why is it not building the resouces?
So far they have been very slow to respond.

Some suggestions:

  • Post the vfproj file for the project.
  • Make sure your not running into something silly like there being anothe rc.exe program on your system that's being called instead.

I have three rc.exe files:
the correct one (I assume) in c:\Program Files (x86)\ Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\vc
one in c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A
one in c:\Program Files (x86)\InstalShielD ...
I tried renaming the last two and it made no difference.

I have attached the vfproj file from your DialogTest project.

I have seen some times where the .rc extension loses its correct association and this prevents VS from recognizing it.

Run Regedit and look at the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.rc - What do you see for (Default), Content Type and Perceived Type?

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The Name is 'Default', Type is 'REG_SZ' and Data is 'rc_auto_file'.
There is also a Persistent Handler - the Name & Type are the same, the Data is a long string of numbers & letters.

Not exactly what I asked. Here's what it looks like on my system - what about yours? (Your VS version may be

Retired 12/31/2016

Here is what it looks like on mine.

I eventually got my program to work.
I think I hadn't uninstalled correctly. I had used Control Panel - Programs & Features, I don't think it uninstalled correctly. I have now used the unistall option from the Install disc and it uninstalled. I then installed again and it appears file. I also deleted .rc from the registry.
Thanks for everybodys help.

You would have had to delete .rc from the registry before reinstalling - if it was still there, the reinstall would not help.

I wish I knew which product install modifies the association of .rc. I've seen this issue five or six times now over the years.

Retired 12/31/2016


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