Mouse Wheel in Quickwin

Mouse Wheel in Quickwin

I just ordered via my company Intel Composer 2011. I want to migrate some elder quickwin applications (inter Fortran 8) which use mouse events. Is there a possibility in the Composer Fortran to regsiter a mosue weheel event, so I could make my programs a little bit more efficient. In the documentation of mosue events I didn't find anything.

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QuickWin doesn't provide events for mouse wheel use, but it may be possible to get this another way. There are users here experienced in Windows API programming who may be able to offer suggestions.

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The regular window api has the message WM_MOUSEWHEEL that gives information on the wheel position and that is handled in the window procedure.Take a look at:

Maybe it is helpful for you.


Thanks, I had a look on it. At the moment, I registered mouse-events with registermouseevent. So have I to register the wheel event with normal windows api and pass the event to another callback-routine. Has onyone an example for this.

PS (Intel): Why is it impossible to add this event to the registermousevent? Wheel-mousesare no new type of equiipment. I miss this functionality since the first version of theIntel-Fortran Compiler I bought.

It is not "impossible" - it's just not something we've been asked to do and we haven't been actively looking for enhancements to QuickWin. I will enter a feature request for you. Issue ID is DPD200168796.

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@Steve - Thanks!

Hello Steve,
do you have any mews about this request?

Your suggestion remains under consideration. If we do decide to do it, you would not see it until some time next year at the earliest.

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Hello Steve,
any news about this feature-request? I dind't find anything in the release notes.

Sorry, no news on this.

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Just to chip in here, I am sorry to hear the comment about lack of attention to Quickwin maintenance. I am a serious Quickwin user and would love to see some maintenance/development. A year or two ago I and several others contributed to a "wish list"--partly at Intel's invitation--and I hope it was taken seriously. I had made a specific request about the ability to draw lines of various widths, which hadn't been possible, but you guys added it! Great! If only that kind of attention could continue.

Please don't misunderstand. We are certainly maintaining QuickWin and fix any bugs we learn about. We keep a list of all suggested features, but have to set priorities, so not everything gets done. I have updated the entry indicating that there is continued interest in mousewheel support in QuickWin.

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Thanks. I'd like to refer everyone to the recent list of Quickwin requests, but I don't know how to find it using the new forum program.

I have also searched for the feature request list but could not find it. So far, for me at least, I see zero advantage to the new forum.
I am also a serious QuickWin user (combined with Jugoslav's Xeffort library).


Hello Steve,

are there any news? Are there plans, when someting will be donw with quickwin.

I have nothing to add at this time.

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