Uploading Files into a Forum Thread

Uploading Files into a Forum Thread

I tried to upload a file using the Add Files button - I'm not sure if I understand how I'm meant to use the resulting popup window. I tried search folder with the hope that I might get a dialog up to help me navigate to the file but to no avail. I can see it is possible because other people do it. How is this meant to be used please!

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You have to do this in two steps. Remember that the Forum software does not want to be linked to the file structure on your remote PC/workstation.

You have an account on the Intel server, and you are allowed to upload files into the directories of that account. Once this is done, you can provide links in your posts to the files on the server.

If you have not yet uploaded any files to the server, there are no files on the server and attempts to include links to those (nonexisting) files will fail.

Details of the process are described in an article to which a link is provided at the top of the Forum. Look for

Attaching or Including
Files in a Post

Many thanks for that info' and the link - I shall add code in that manner next time I need to.

I also have trouble with this. Not "attaching" a file but "including" a file. The links you gave above are no longer active. Where can I get an explanation of this? Typically I want to include a code snippet and have trouble entering it and formatting it by hand. And, if I want to experiment by trial and error, is there a way I can see the result without posting to the public?

The instructions in this thread are no longer valid. The new method is simpler.

For code snippets, look below on any forum post page for the bullet that starts "To enable syntax highlighting..."

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The instructions at this bullet are a bit brief to say the least. Does it work like this:

Program TryitPost
Implicit none
! Just testing
end program

...Like that? Does it matter whether the code itself is pasted from the clipboard or typed manually? It seems difficult to control the font and the line spacing. I see a lot of posted code snippets with double spacing instead of single, so maybe it IS hard to control. And there is no apparent way to change the font, other than disabling rich text, and that makes it go bonkers. When should the effect of "syntax highlight" become apparent--only after posting? Maybe trial-and error testing is needed. How can I do that? Maybe that's what I'm doing right now! Please excuse my ignorance.

OK I posted it, and it then appeared pretty much like I had hoped. So I think I answered my own questions. I would NEVER have figured this out without being pointed in the right direction. I was looking for something like "code text formatting" not "syntax highlighting"--which means something completely different to me.

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