Is submodule supported in IVF 12?

Is submodule supported in IVF 12?

Could anybody share some information here?


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No, it isn't. You can see a list of all the F2008/2003 features supported in the release notes (linked at the top of this forum.) It is high on our list, but I can't predict when it will appear.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

i am afraid not

The following link said it would be supported. but my testing shows NO. I thought maybe I did something wrong with options.


Ouch. I can see the same on our site. We had originally planned to include submodules in this release but were unable to complete it in time. I'll get the Product Brief corrected - apologies for the error.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Is there an update on the availability of submodules?

Still not in 12.1, sorry. Here is the updated currentproduct brief.



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Do you have any updates on submodule feature? 


Support for submodules has not been implemented but remains planned for a future release. FYI, there is some additional info/discussion/article citations in the F03/8 features forum post.


This feature would also be a great help for us. - So if there could be any anticipation of a date or maybe any priotisation of this feature, this would be highly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards,

Implementation is underway. The goal is to have it in for next year's major release.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


Steve Lionel (Intel) wrote:

Implementation is underway. The goal is to have it in for next year's major release.

Awesome news, Steve!  Around the time the next year's major release comes around, can you please consider issuing a new Dr Fortran blog specifically on SUBMODULEs and what you and your Intel team would consider to be generally beneficial use cases of this feature?  Any advice you can include in your blog on extended derived types with type-bound procedures (TBPs) where TBPs may be in SUBMODULEs will be of great help!  I've been pondering over code structuring patterns using SUBMODULEs for extended derived types a lot but of course I've not been unable to try out any ideas in a compiler. 

Thanks much, 

Once I've figured it out for myself, I will certainly try to do so,

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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