Which version of IVF first included the ISO_C_BINDING module? Can it be retrofitted to 11.0.072?

Looking in the IVF install directory, I see the file iso_c_binding.f90, implying that indeed the module is present. But 'use iso_C_binding' gives an error:

Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [ISO_C_BINDING]

What am I missing?


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Well, I found the answer (RTFM). This is what is needed:

use, intrinsic :: ISO_C_binding

USE ISO_C_binding

should have worked. This has been in the product since 10.0. Of course, adding the INTRINSIC is a good idea regardless.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Beats me Steve. The code compiled with the simple USE statement on 11.0.075, but gave that error on 11.0.072. I can't imagine what else could have been the problem - certainly no INCLUDE directories needed to be set.

Do you have an ISO_C_BINDING.mod file in your Debug or Release folder or in any include path?

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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