Introducing Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011

Introducing Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011

Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 is the new release of the product formerly known as Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition. It is available now from the Intel Software Development Products Registration Center and includes version 12.0 of the Intel Visual Fortran compiler and version 10.3 of Intel Math Kernel Library.

New compiler features include:

  • More Fortran 2003 support, including generic type-bound procedures and FINAL procedure
  • More Fortran 2008 support, including coarrays, DO CONCURRENT, unlimited format repeat count, and an increase of the maximum array dimensions to 31 (standard says 15)
  • Listing files with cross-reference
  • Guided auto-parallelism
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Read the release notes for more details.

If you have a current license for Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition you can download and install Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 at no additional charge.

A special note to IMSL users - we have not yet completed qualification of the IMSL library with the new compiler version and are not yet releasing an installer including IMSL. You can download and install the new compiler and keep version 11.1 installed - we recommend that you continue to use the version 11.1 compiler with the IMSL that was provided with it. At this time we can't estimate when the qualification of IMSL will be completed.

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Wow !!!!! ... where are the files?

Actually onthe registration center there is only the 11.1.067 and the 12 beta.


Media Consultants - Italy

I am unable to download the software ..... but my subscription for Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Windows* with IMSL*is active until the 07 May 2011.


Media Consultants - Italy

It looks as if those who are licensed for IMSL are not being shown the new compiler. This is in part because we're not recommending you use the new compiler with IMSL. But I'll see if we can do something for you so you can try it out.

Actually, you may want to see if you can download an evaluation copy - it should work with your license.

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Ok. The evaluation copy works perfectly with the license file.

Thanks, Steve



Media Consultants - Italy


The documentation for the new Intel Fortran Compiler 12.0 indicates that it is now compliant with the Fortran 2003 standard. Version 11.1 did not support type extension. Version 12.0 now does! In the list of Fortran 2003 extensions it states that type extension is supported without polymorphism. Is the new compiler fully compliant with Fortran 2003 except for this feature? Overall the new compiler looks amazing.

Best wishes,
David Mazziotti
University of Chicago


the "Installation Guide and Release Notes" states that the XE 2011 compiler is near to full Fortran 2003. Only (see page 21) three items are still missing: User-defined derived type I/O; Parameterised derived types and a Polymorphic SOURCE=specification in ALLOCATE.
I fully agree with you that this new verson of the compiler must be welcomed! Generic Type bound procedures is something I was waiting for, the same for type-bound operator-overloding. And some new things from F2008.



Where exactly did you see the claim that the compiler has all of F2003? It is close, but not complete. Version 11.0 did not support polymorphism but version 11.1 did.

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Dear Steve,

The 12.0 User's Guide has a section Language Standards Conformance under Language Reference where it states:

Language Standards Conformance

Intel Fortran
conforms to the Fortran 2003 standard (ISO/IEC 1539-1:2004). It also
conforms to American National Standard Fortran 95 (ANSI X3J3/96-007)
1, American National Standard Fortran 90 (ANSI X3.198-1992)
2, and includes support for many features in the Fortran 2008 standard (ISO/IEC 1539-2:2004).

The wording here is confusing since it seems the "conforms" implies that it conforms in all features. Since Intel Fortran supports almost all of Fortran 2003, it would help to have a section in the User's Guide on the few topics that are still missing. Specifically, I was thinking that Intel has not yet added the parametrized derived types. The addition of co-arrays from Fortran 2008 is very exciting.

Best wishes,
University of Chicago

Thanks - sorry we missed getting that text right. We believe that more users want the features from F2008, such as coarrays, than the remaining F2003 features. We will eventually be fully F2003, but not quite yet.

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The XE12 compiler suite is FANTASTIC! Now integrated with VS2010 and giving me a 10% speed boost
on my main F90 application with just a simple re-compile. All I had to do was a few mouse-clicks.

I'm very pleased that the install (installs, as I have the professional C++ & Fortran suite) went
smoothly, if a bit scary when I was told I'd have to re-install after using the wrong product serial and
waiting 10 min...

I'm also amaized that, in addition to my F90 software, the XE 12.0 compiler "gobbled up" a 37 year old
FORTRAN IV program and delivered a 50% speed improvement on a 32-bit box (heck, that code even
had a FORTRAN II arithmetic IF ~;)

The Fortran experience "wins" over the C++ compiler in that I had to spend half an hour "porting" some
17 year old K&R flavor code (removing "FAR" keywords, adding a few includes and taking the option
to transition to "safe" versions of some functions like strcat_s).

Now, I have to go back and see what "goodies" came with MKL 10.3. There's often a new random
number generator to speed up my "simulations", and I have some C software that might benefit too.

Again, many, many thanks for SMOOTH installs + VS2010 integration. Makes me glad I just upgraded
to the full Fortran & C++ suite - WELL waiting for ~;)

Well Howell

I already had the professional version with Visual Studio 2008, so I downloaded Composer XE without Studio 2008. Everything seems to be working fine except during debugging the Locals Window only shows a few variables, not all the locals as previously. Could this be fixed?Fortunately, highlighting an array still allows me to expand it to see its values.

Well: Now that's what we like to hear! Glad you like it.

Dick: That's not an issue I'm familiar with. I suggest you report it through Intel Premier Support and include an example.

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Dear Steve,

I downloaded "w_fcompxe_intel64_2011.0.104.exe". Is this the right file for studio 2010?

I am going to upgrade to studio2008 to 2010 soon. Do I need to uninstall fortran first? or just install 2010 directly andfortran will work automatically?



You will need to reinstall Fortran after installing VS2010. This can be a "Modify" to add VS2010 support.

The download you have is correct for developing x64 applications in VS2010 (or 2008 or 2005).

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Thanks Steve.

When reinstall fortran, do I need to install from the original CD or just this 2011.0.104.exe file enough?


Just the download is fine.

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Thanks so much Steve.

Looking forward to seeing the power of new version.


Hi Steve,

As an existing IMSL user I get the impression from what you say abovethat I can't use the new compiler for projects thatcall upIMSL routines. Is this the case even if the original files that reference IMSLare not recompiled in V12?

I knowyou say you can't estimate when IMSL will be avaiable but are you talking days, weeks or months.IMSL subscription is higher than standard but we are beingleft behind for a while. If you are talking weeks or months before we can expect the qualification to be done could at leasta beta version of IMSL v12be made available in the meantime?



Weeks is more likely. I think you CAN use the new compiler with the 11.1 IMSL, but we have not done qualification with this combination. In most cases it should work the same as 11.1.

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Thanks Steve I'll try it later.

I seem to rememebr previously somewhere on this forum you recommended not upgrading to Visual Studio 2010 because it was not that straightforward to use etc. Has anything happened to change this point of view will V12 etc. ie Is there any advantage in upgading to Visual Studio 2010 from 2008at this moment in time?

Thanks in advance


In my opinion, VS2010 has no advantages for the Fortran user over VS2008. If you need VS2010 for other things, then fine, but I don't advise upgrading for Fortran-only users. I find VS2010 somewhat slower than VS2008, but otherwise its use is about the same. (This is NOT true if you are a C++ user, in which case there are significant differences.

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When you release Visual Fortran XE 2011 with IMSL V7 will you also be re-selling the IMSL V7 runtime licences and will runtime licensing be enforced by some system? I enquired about the price of runtime licenses from VNI and it was so expensive

I don't expect any further change in how we sell IMSL when we get to IMSL 7. (Initially, we'll be offering IMSL 6 - IMSL 7 will follow sometime later.)

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We have a valid network license (via a license manager) for 11.1 Fortran Prof. Compiler (Windows) and tried to install the new Fortran Composer XE 2011 (30 days trial evaluation).
Unfortunatelythe license file is not accepted with the message "The license file provided is invalid".

What can we do ?

Did you select the install option for using a license server? It won't want to use the license file itself in this case.

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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but...

We just bought XE 2011 and I attempt to compile code that had compiled fine in 11.1 and 10.0 and i get this message:

1>Please contact the application's support team for more information.
1>GEM_LO_GET_LOCATOR_INFO: zero locator value
catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: abort signal raised** Please report this error along with the circumstances in which it occurred in a Software Problem Report. Note: File and line given may not be explicit cause of this error.

How do I file a "Software Problem Report"?

Then i attempt to contact intel premier support and i get: We were unable to
authenticate your access to the Intel Premier Support web site.
Please check that your login ID and password were entered correctly and
that the URL used was "". I assume this is because my email address/login ID/password are not recognized as belonging to a customer. How do I fix this?



You can go to and register your serial number, checking the box to say that you want support. Then you will be able to use Intel Premier Support. Or, if this is acceptable to you, you can start a new thread in this forum, attach the problem source (and any other files it needs) and show the compile command you used.

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Hi Steve,

thank you for the reply.

During installation, I seleceted --> choose alternative activation --> use a license manager --> enter host name and port. This was the same procedure during the previous installation of the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional 11.1 and this worked.

Thank you in advance.



Please ask for assistance in the Download, Registration and Licensing section of the forum. The folks there will be able to help you.

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