I just bought my Fortran 11.1 with IMSL. I followed the installation and configuration instruction online, by adding the necessary lines in the option->fortran->compiler->library , and include. However, I still get the error message:

error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths.[imsl]

Can someone please rescue me? Thanks a lot.

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It is easier to help if you provide a little more information regarding what you have tried, particularly for those of us who may have no IMSL or a different distribution of IMSL.

Do you have a line saying "USE IMSL" in your source file? If so, check with your IMSL documentation as to what this line should contain. I have seen a comprehensive module called IMSL_LIBRARIES.mod or NUMERICAL_LIBRARIES.mod, but not one called just IMSL.mod. Check the contents of the directories .../include/dll and .../include/static in your IMSL installation; you probably need the big module file in either directory.

Thanks for your reply. It seems that imsl_libraries solves the problem. thanks

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