Warning with /real_size:64

Warning with /real_size:64

If I compile this source with "ifort /real_size:64" I get a warning that doesn't seem right. Is there a problem with my code or the compiler?

module sf_interfaces

interface min_find

subroutine min_find(xin,fatx,xout)



end subroutine

subroutine dmin_find(xin,fatx,xout)

double precision,INTENT(IN)::xin,fatx

double precision,INTENT(OUT)::xout

end subroutine

end interface

end module

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Your code.

With /real-size:64, the specific procedures are not distinguishable. How would the compiler know which one to call?

You could explicitly provide the kinds for the dummy arguments to avoid this, or also specify /double-size:128.

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