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OS upgrade

I am using IVF 11.0.072 on Windows XP, with VS2005. Soon I plan to move to Windows 7 (64-bit). Am I going to be able to use my existing IVF distribution (32-bit)? If not, will there be a free/cheap way to obtain a Windows 7-compatible compiler version?

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Yes, IVF 32-bit works flawlessly on Windows 7@64. That's the combination I'm currently using.


Excellent! Thanks Jugoslav.

You may download both ia32 and Intel64 copies of the compiler issued during the term of your license. VS2005 is supported on win7 64-bit by the sequence of service pack and Vista/win7 add-ons.

What if the term of the license has terminated? I'm not sure what the license situation is - how do I find this out?

If you have the serial number and the credentials originally used to register, you should be able to find out at https://registrationcenter.intel.com Otherwise, ou should be able to get help on the companion licensing forum. You should be able to download any version issued priory to your expiration.

I have the Compiler Suite, and my license expired 12 Feb 2009. I see that I can still download a 64-bit version of the C compiler 11.0.072, but in the case of Fortran there is 11.0.066 (available), and 11.0.075 (not available for me). What happened to .072?

While waiting for a more knowledgeable response, I'll offer the conjecture:
The missing version might have been removed on account of some regression. Other than that possibility, it seems unlikely that a very large difference could justify keeping all the old versions available. Did you check the past reports of requests for reinstatement of intermediate versions?

Yes 11.072 had a serious bug and had to be pulled. I can extend your license to allow you access to the next release (11.0.75). I will work with you on a private post to this thread to get your serial number.



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