Use old IMSL in new Fortran

Use old IMSL in new Fortran

Dear all,
I have a compaq fortran 6 with IMSL. but it cannot be used in my Windows 64 bit machine. I wonder whether i can buy an Intel Fortran 11.1 without IMSL and combine my old IMSL with it? Thanks

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Sorry, you can't. The IMSL library that comes with CVF 6 is not compatible with Intel Fortran.

Patrick Kennedy
Intel Developer Support

Thanks for your reply. How about the IMSL with Intel Fortran 9.0? Is it compatible with 11.1? If not, can I buy Fortran 11.1 without IMSL now, and then later buy the IMSL library only?

There are many combinations among OS, compiler and IMSL versions, and 32/64 bit, only some of which are compatible. IVF 9 may have problems running on Win 7 X64. Combining components from different releases may sometimes work, but this mode of operation is not supported.

Some programs using the IMSL 4.0 from the CVF CD can be built and run with IVF11.1, but this is not supported. Unless you have a good set of test problems it is risky to use this combination.

If you have IVF9 and a compatible version of IMSL, you could certainly try them out on Win 7 X64.

On the other hand, if CVF 6.6 and its IMSL library are adequate for you, you should be able to run it on Windows 7 X64, at least in command line mode. The following steps are known to allow CVF 6.6 with IMSL to work in a command window on Windows Home Premium X64:

When installing from the CVF CD, choose X86\setup.exe instead of the setup program in the root directory.

Thanks. If I don't need MKL library in the 11.1 edition. But i do need parallel programming and IMSL, what would be a cheaper alternative to buy? Where can I buy it? Thanks.

Thanks, if I don't need MKL in version 11.1, but I do need parallel programing and IMSl, what would be a cheaper alternative to 11.1? Is this alternative available for purchase?

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