Where has the "help" gone?

Where has the "help" gone?

Dear all,

When I call for "help" in Visual Studio (I'm using IVF11.1.065) and select "Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Help", I am directed to a site with the following text in the title bar: "Information not found - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Documentation - Microsoft Document Explorer"". How can I reach the "help" for IVF?

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Create a command file with these commands in it (you may need to change the reference to VS2005 if you're using a different version of VS:

CD help
h2reg -r CmdFile=..\Documentation\vshelp\1033\intel.forprodocs.en\fproc_vs2005_H2Reg_cmd.ini
h2reg -r CmdFile=..\Documentation\vshelp\1033\intel.fprocompilerdocs.en\H2Reg_cmd.ini

Dear David,

Thank you for your help (no pun intended). Now by choosing the help menu option in Visual Studio, I reach some sort of online help; but still no help on IVF in sight. As this help is available locally, I'll leave things here.

Not sure of your version of the compiler, but with 11.1 if you look at help from inside Microsoft Visual Studio you should be able to scroll down to the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional in the Help menu to see the Intel Compiler documentation.

You can also access it through the start menu:

Start -> All Programs => Intel Software Development Tools => Intel Fortran Compiler X.X.XXX => Intel Visual Fortran Documentation

Where X.X.XXX is the version number of the compiler

Can you access it in either way above?



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Check also in the VS document explorer thing that that "Filtered by" for the contents/index is either "unfiltered" or "Intel".

I access mine as a shortcut on the taskbar:
and setting 'Start in' as "\Docs"

I *do* get the Intel help from within VS 2005, but found a long time ago that Visual Studio sometimes 'loses' track of non-Microsoft help files, and kept my irritation levels under control by having a shortcut.

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