"ifconsol.lib" not there.

"ifconsol.lib" not there.

I'm trying out one of the samples in Intel Fortran Visual Fortran v11.1.065 under Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional. The sample I'm trying out is "C_Calls_Fortran". All seems well during building until it gets to the link step. The linker can't find "ifconsol.lib", and the build fails. I've followed the necessary setup instructions in the README.TXT, but I have no clue as to what may be going on.

This is under Windows 7 Professional.

Can anybody help?

Bruno Repetto, PhD

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Never mind. found the answer.

I located several versions of ifconsol.lib, and picked the one for 32-bit architecture. Then I put the path to it as a new entry in the VC++ directories/Library Files. The linker worked fine.


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