__genmod.f90 files

__genmod.f90 files

I thought these were created when /gen-interfaces was specified on the command line. However when I remove this option, these files are still created. How do I prevent them from being created?

Command line is:

/nologo /debug:full /Od /DWIN32 /d_lines /warn:interfaces /assume:dummy_aliases /assume:byterecl /Qzero /names:uppercase /iface:cref /module:"..\\..\\mod\\Debug\\\\" /object:"..\\..\\tmp\\Debug\\core\\\\" /traceback /check:bounds /libs:dll /threads /dbglibs /c

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No worries, I see it's /warn_interfaces

I'm not sure I'm right on this actually. The manual says /gen-interfaces creates these files:

This option tells the compiler to generate an interface block for
each routine (that is, for each SUBROUTINE and FUNCTION statement)
defined in the source file. The compiler generates two files for each
routine, a .mod file and a .f90 file.

However when I remove /gen-interfaces these files are still created. Does /warn-interfaces override /gen-interfaces?

According to the latest release notes:

3.3.2 /warn:interface now implies /gen_interface
As of version 11.1, specifying /warn:interface enables both the generation and use of interfaces
for the purpose of error checking. You no longer need to also specify /gen_interface if
/warn:interface is in effect.

However, using /nogen-interfaces right after the /warn options overrides the default behavior.

But there is no way to add /nogen-interfaceinVisual Studio (except editing the command line) becausechanging the option 'Generate Interface Blocks' to 'No' does not add /nogen-interface. I think that's an error and hope it will be fixed with the next release.

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