Where can I find the student version?

Where can I find the student version?

I'm a grad student and am looking to speed up a few matlab loops with FORTRAN mex files. I've seen a student version of the FORTRAN visual compiler mentioned here and there, but I can't find any links to it. Where can I get it?Also, how much is it?

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For a "student" version, we offer the Intel Software Development Suite Student Edition for Windows", which includes the Fortran and C++ compilers, VTune profiler, Thread Checker, Thread Profiler, Trace Analyzer and Collector and MPI Library. The US price is $129. For more information, see the Academic Developer Program web page. A list of resellers is available by clicking on the "contact a reseller" link there. Note that you will need to separately obtain Microsoft Visual C++/Studio 2008 or 2005.

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