\\Qxk Compile option in Visual Studio IDE

\\Qxk Compile option in Visual Studio IDE

I'm using IVF 11 in the Visual Studio 2008 IDE. I would like to compile to target older processors that support only SSE, hence using the \\Qxk. Can this setting be made anywhere in the IDE?

I always struggle to find the command line option equivalents in the IDE.Do they all have an equivalentin the IDE and is there a documents which relates the two?

I'm not that familiar with using the ifort command line method to compile. If this is my only option to make the \\Qxksetting, can the command line strings given in the VS IDE be used to create my command line?

Many thanks.

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Intel 11 compilers support non-SSE2 CPUs only by the /arch:IA32 switch. There is no separate library support for SSE without SSE2. While /QxK was available in the 10.1 compilers, it wasn't recommended or reliable.

The compiler documentation on command line options always includes the IDE equivalents, when they exist.

Tim is correct that the compiler no longer has an "SSE" mode, and that you want the Code Generation > Enable Enhanced Instruction Set > No Enhanced Instruction Sets setting.

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