How do we recover vanished outgoing messages ?

How do we recover vanished outgoing messages ?

Someon said when I get the "zero word size" message upon hitting SUBMIT, I should enter REFRESH.

I don't see a way to do that.

Firefoex says I have to resend the previous page, but the previous page is blank, so

the message is gone.

I now have to resort to making a copy of the message (ctl-A, Ctl-C) BEFORE hitting "submit."

Is there a way around having to do that?

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If you write more that a single sentence response to ANY forum anywhere on the web i'd suggest you make a habit of using your word processor program to write itand then copy/paste. On longer messages the network connection may become diassociated or timed out, etc and then sometimes after you hit submitit's gone! Rather than risk wasted time, creating a local copy avoids the issue.

Your web browser has a "refresh" button. It may be called "reload".

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At best, that takes us back to the post we were attempting to reply to. I try to remember at least to copy my submission to the cut/paste buffer before clicking submit. Lost about 15 minutes this weekend when I forgot.

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