Severe: No such file or directory fortcom

Severe: No such file or directory fortcom

Just a simple FYI, for those late night sessions where you see

Severe: No such file or directory

and listed on the same line under the file heading is fortcom

In Visual Studio, if you happen to delete a file which is in a project and even if no longer needed, when it goes to compile it with the project it will correctly indicate that a file is missing. The actual file is listed on the next line after Compilation Aborted (code 1)

I allow compilation to continue so all the errors and warnings are listed and this message was in the middle so the correlation of the error message with the file name listed on the next line was lost to panic for a brief moment or two or three.

Just adding as a searchablenote on fortcom for those burning themidnight oil.


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Thanks for the tip.

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Thanks for the tip, weve had the same problem here.

I forgot to check in one new source file in our mercurial repository, but in the sln file it was listed. Because my colleague got a new laptop today we blame it all on the IT departement :-)


The same error message can occur if the path to the source files is too long - smth like:

D:/tooooo loooong directory name/another directory/.../dir/your source files/

Simply move source files (or your project) to the shorter path directory.

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