[HELP] installation of intel fortran compiler 9

[HELP] installation of intel fortran compiler 9

Hi, I need some help to install the intel fortran compiler 9. What I have is following:

1. Intel fortran compiler 9 (honestly, it's rather old, but it is what I am having)

2. My operating system is windows xp with 64-bits

3. Visual studio 2005 (full version)

My problem is to install the Microsoft visual studio integration. I tried a lot of times but never succeeded. Is that true that it only supports the 32 bit not 64 bit for this version? Since it says "Note: firt install compiler for 32-bit and Itanium-based applications. This integrats that compiler with visual studio."

BTW, I am also a little suspicous about the SDK. The manual says I should use Windows Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK, but vs2005 has later SDK version. So can I just use SDK that vs2005 has and provide the directory for SDK as C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft.NET\\SDK\\v2.0 64bit while installing the fortran compiler?

Thanks in advance.

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If I recall correctly, the versiom 9 installer runs several installs in the whole process. One installs the IA-32 and Itanium compiler (the Itanium compiler is not installed if you don't have the right SDK installed, and another installs the EM64T (now Intel 64) compiler. If you want the 64-bit support, make sure that VS2005 has the "x64 compiler and tools" option installed - this is not the default for the Professional Edition where you have to choose a Custom install.

You have not said what the error is.

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As Steve said, it looks like you may not have selected the X64 option under the C++ category in the Visual Studio configuration. After installing that, you should also install the VS service pack components, before trying (or repairing) the ifort em64t/intel64 installation. If you are still using ifort 9, it's worth while to get the final 9.1 update.

In case it's of any interest, I succeeded in installing both VS2005 and 2008 on Windows 7-x64. I had to skip the VS2005 .net SDK. For Vista and Windows 7, there is a supplement to VS2005SP1 to be installed after the service pack. If I remember correctly, that supplement isn't needed for the original XP64 (which still requires a nearly endless string of updates from MS online update).

On XP64 and successors, you must log in as administrator to install and upgrade Visual Studio or integrate ifort into it. Also, the VS2005 devenv must be started by right-click-run-as-administrator if you aren't logged in as Administrator, subsequent to installation.

XP64 and VS2005, as I've heard, are in their last few months of support from Microsoft.

Hi, Steve, thanks for your suggestion. I checked my installation of vs2005, which is a full installation. And I also check installed features, where x64 compilers and tools is checked.

My problem is that I cannot integrate the intel fortran compiler to VS2005. Actually, I installed it in a 32-bit windows os successfully and I tested by writing a hello world program. If I remember correctly, the creation of the project is easy; just go to new project, there should be an option to create a intel fortran project. But for my installation on the 64 bit, there is no such thing. So I guess the integration failed.

The way I installed the whole bunch of things is following:

1. First I installed vs2005 (full version)

2. Installed intel fortran compiler on EM64T. (It said it couldn't find the SDK so I chose a directory as C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0 64bit; should it be all right? Or should I install other version of SDK? Also I tried different SDK locations, like C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0, when I ran intel fortran compiler integration to vs, it said "this setup will NOT run without Intel visual fortran compiler 9.0 or higher version)

3. I installed microsoft visual studio* integration.

But as I said before, there is no option for me to create a intel fortran project. What was wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Also I am a little concerned about a line under the "microsoft visual studio integration", which says:

"NOTE: First install compiler for 32-bit and Itanium-based applications. This integrates that compiler with visual studio*."

I tested the integration and it seems to me that if I hadn't installed the 32-bit compiler, when I ran the installation for the integration, it said "this setup will NOT run without Intel visual fortran compiler 9.0 or higher version". Then I installed the 32-bit, which I don't need, the installation didn't display any error message but the integration failed since I can't create any fortran project in vs2005.

So my guess is that the integration for intel fortran compiler is only valid for 32-bit but not for 64-bit. Please let me know if I am wrong. Thanks,

You needn't install the 32-bit (or Itanium) ifort, if you intend to use only the em64t/Intel64 ifort. The latter will integrate into VS2005 if the C++ X64 is installed and working. Note that you must select both C++ and its X64 option, and install service pack.

Hi, tim18, just rephrase to make sure that I understand your suggestion. You want me to install visual studio c++ and x64 compiler and tools, right? Actually, I installed the full version of vs2005 and I checked the installed features, the x64 compiler and tools is checked. I am just wondering whether it is OK or I need a customized installation?

Also I am downloading the vs2005 sp1. It will end soon. Thanks for your suggestion.

To elaborate on what Tim wrote, Visual Studio Professional (and higher) editions do not install x64 support by default - why, I don't know. When installing new, you must select a Custom install to add the "X64 Compiler and Tools" subcomponent of Visual C++. If VS is already installed, do a "Change" from Add or Remove Programs to add this component. Then uninstall and reinstall Intel Fortran.

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Hi Steve, I reinstalled visual studio 2005 with "X64 Compiler and tools" checked and I also found a intel fortran compiler 9.1 version. I successfully installed compiler for EM64T and debugger, but unfortunately, when I tried to install the integration, it said:

" Setup did not find an "intel fortran compiler for 32-bit based applications" version 8.1 or higher installed......"

Could you give me some suggestion? Thanks a million.

Hi Steve, please disregard last message, since I've already installed it susccessfully. I think the trick is to install the 32-bit compiler; it sounds crazy but it works......

Anyway, thanks for all your help and also tim's help.

Yes, in version 9, the IA-32 compiler has to be installed in order to use the EM64T compiler. That is no longer the case in current versions.

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