"Help Not Available for Menu Item" when selecting any menu option

"Help Not Available for Menu Item" when selecting any menu option

Message : An application built with Visual Fortran 9.1 QUICKWIN exhibits strange behavior on one Windows computer

The application displays the message "Help Not Available for Menu Item" when selecting any menu option (single mouse-click)

The application works normally (calls the associated callback routine) in all other computers.

This behavior seems permanent only on this computer - rebooting has no impact. Other Windows applications work normally.

Any ideas?

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I will guess that it is because the file FQWIN.HLP isnot installed onthat particular computer, or not present in the expected location for help files (typically root:\windows\system32\).

the file FQWIN.HLP is not installed on any our computers (Corporate setting - standard Windows XP image in all cases)

In any case, the error message is misleading - the application is not attempting to access any help information, it should be executing the menu callback routine ...


FQWIN.HLP should be in the compiler's BIN folder, but that may not be visible when a program runs. It is obsolete anyway, as Windows Vista and Windows 7 won't open it.

I have not seen previously a report that simply trying to access a menu entry causes this error, though 9.1 is quite old by this point. Is it reproducible if you build a simple "Hello World" program as a QuickWin application?

Steve - Intel Developer Support

I use Windows XP. I tried an old CVF QUICKWIN program and selected a menu itemand had to press F1to getthe attached message box. Do you get the same, but with your application's name in the title bar?


Downloadimage/jpeg f1helpmessaage.jpg12.79 KB

Unfortunately, I do not have easy access to the computer that displays the problem, and have no idea how to replicate the issue on a development machine.

I will keep you posted though

I suppose I should look at moving to the latest version...

Yes I do!

Do you think that the F1 key on the 'affected' computer is stuck?

So it appears that a sticky F1 key was the issue

Thanks for your help!

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