WRONG Find Results

WRONG Find Results

Hi folks

I just did a search for particular variable in my solution and I'm finding that VC is returning hits for the variable that are in another directory for a completely separate version of my code, and therefore a different solution (even though the solution name is the same).

This is extremely disconcerting because now I worry that I might have made changes to .f files that are not even a part of the solution I'm working in!

Can anyone shed some light on this? I am in looking in the entire solution, and searching within subfolders. I am certain that the files being returned in the Find Results are not part of the solution, and are not within a subfolder. I have other versions with minor changes that include the exact same .f files but these are not returned in the Find Results despite being in the exact same directory relative to my active solution as the erroneous results I'm seeing.

I have tried cleaning the solution, and closing the solution and reopening it with no change. I have also searched for different variables and get the same problem.

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Okay, so I tried opening up another version and searching within it and I get the same problem.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong in my version control...

I have been making copies of the entire directory in which my solution and all associated files exist, and then renaming the directory with each subsequent version. Thus far I have:

v1.0 - fine
v2.0 - fine
v2.1 - fine
v2.2 - returns Find Results from 2.2 and 2.1
v3.0 - returns Find Results from 3.0 and 2.1

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