Quickwin program freezes on Windows 7 x64

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Hello Bob,
would it be possilbe to get the ifqwin.lib file also for the compiler version 8.1. I have there the same problem with W7 32 bit.

Sorry, no support for 8.1 is available, and 8.1 did not support Windows 7. But you can try the libraries Bob posted - they may work for you anyway.

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I tried to replace the ifqwin.lib with the new one. When I build my program, I get a missing routine
__intel_f2int. Have I any chance to get it run? Thanks

hkausi, I guess not - it looks as if you need the other libraries from a newer version.

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I presume that this library is not yet in Update 2 as the library in Update 2 is dated 14/1 while this one is 20/1?

Correct. This fix, assuming no further problems are found, will be in Update 3.

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it seems, that I have the same problem with update 3 too. I have to kill taskhost.exe then all works. As described before, I'm using 32 bit W/.
Is this fix in Update 3 or not. If not, is it in 4. Thanks.

No, this fix is not in Update 4. It was deemed too risky without enough evidence that it did not create further problems. If you want the fix, please follow the instructions here.

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I wrot a email to quadsupport@mailbox.intel.com with topic Request QuickWin library fix DPD200149113. Is this correct to get the fix?

No. You must log in through Intel Premier Support and request the fix.

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My company bought a license for me. I got an email with a download link and serial number and one year support. The link works. But I can't regsiter the license, because it's already regsitered and so, I can' use premier supoort. Any idea what I can do to?

We've found a problem with the Intel 64 (x64) version of the fixed library - a new one is being built and we should have it in a day or two. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I tried the w32 ifqwinlib in my qwin application under xp. It slows donw the application. All scrren actions are slow. Then I rechanged to the old one and all works fine again.

Any news about the lib patch and the speed I wrote in my last post?

I have passed your comment on to the developers but have not heard from them. I expect they'll want to see a buildable and runnable copy of your application. Others we have given the library to have not reported speed problems.

Do you have a test case we can look at?

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Hello Steve,
sorry for the delay, I did some tests. It's not possible to make a small buildable example. I retried linking with the new ifqwin.lib once more, it works on W7 32bit , program freeses no more. But the speed slows down. My program handles the complete video output and is based on the ifqwin rotuines. So I will includes something, that when the program starts, taskhost.exe will be killed automaticall.

Which aspects of the program slow down? The change we made related to input events. We'll take the full application if you're willing to provide it. Please use Intel Premier Support for that.

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I'm filling the whole screen with text-information, therefore I usefunctionouttext. Then I wait for keyboard or mouse events withsleppqq of 25 ms. I handle the total keyboard event.So there are input events. I attached some of the specific routines and a readme too.
The writing on screnn is slower than with the normal ifqin.lib. The reasaon may be the input handler, becaus I'm always waiting for inputs


Downloadapplication/zip dialib.zip13.09 KB

I need a buildable and runnable application. The ZIP you attached is missing many routines, as well as the main program.

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Sorry, thats not possible. So I go on with killiing taskhost.exe.

Hi Steve

Is this fix in update 5?


Hello Steve,
any news about the fix and update 5?

Sorry for the delay in answering.

The fix for the freezing issue is in Update 6, scheduled for September.

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Hello Steve,
is this fix in the updae 6?

Yes, it is in update 6.

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Works fine now. Thanks

I may need to start a new thread about this, but has this freezing behavior been seen in any other types of FORTRAN executables?

I have a FORTRAN DLL that is called from a VB.NET program that has been freezing on a few Windows 7 64-bit machines. We have not been able to reproduce the issue here (both were developed on Win7 x64).

The DLL is not Quickwin, but it does have callbacks to the VB.NET program for screen output (shown on screen via a VB Rich Text Box).

Thanks for any help.

Yes it would be best to start a new thread with a title that refelects it. Can you include details on what you are seeing and even a test case that reproduces if possible. I have not seen or heard of these problems with Visual Basic caused by the compiler and this issue applies to Quickwin library only.




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