Strange errors related to the manifest

Strange errors related to the manifest

I am getting several kinds of errors seemingly related to the manifest settings.

For some projects (on some machines but not others), enabling the manifest gives the "Error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code". This one took quite a lot of time to figure out as the message is a little vague.. Eventually trial and error indicated it can be removed by disabling the manifest.

In some other projects requiring DLLs, disabling the manifest gives a runtime error due to inability to find MSVCR90D.dll. Enabling the manifest, or specifying /lib:static removes the error.

I also read in a post by Steve that the manifest is useful (required?) for correct mixed language interaction.

If this manifest is indeed needed, is there some way of avoiding these seemingly inconsistent errors?

thanks in advance, dmitri

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If you can set both the C++ and Fortran projects to use the static (non-DLL) libraries, then the manifest won't be a problem. However, I suggest looking in the build log (not just the output window) to see if there is more detail as to what went wrong when mt.exe was run.

I suppose an alternative is to not embed the manifest but to keep the .manifest file alongside the executable.

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