"compile" option doesn't appear under "build", etc.

"compile" option doesn't appear under "build", etc.

1. Just bought Intel Microsoft Visual Studio (Fortran compiler). I used to compile a code from clicking on "Build",then select "Compile". On this version "compile" is not under "build". Wonder if it can be set up by any means.

2. Compiling a fortran code that was developed while ago. In the code comment notation was "C" instead of "!", and it is not recognized as a comment. Can it be recognized without physically changing "C" to "!"?

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1. I am uncertain about the details of earlier versions of Visual Studio, but under the Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition that I believe you are using, Compile is an option available for individual files and is accessible via the Solution Explorer view. In the Solution Explore view, right-click on any source file and select Compile.

2. The C will not be interpreted as a comment if you use a file extension like .f90 or .F90. If the source contains fixed-form source, then you should use a file extension associated with fixed-form source of: .f, .for, or .ftn

You can use the .f90 extension and toggle the Property setting: Configuration Properties > Fortran > Language > Source File Format to Use Fixed Format (/fixed) also if you wish.

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