help with RC files and 10.1.024

help with RC files and 10.1.024

For some reason, possibly related to the 10.1.024 update to the compiler, my popup dialogs and toolbars are not displaying.

I am guessing it's related to the RC file? an/or the update?

On a recomiple and then a complete rebuild, the program compiles OK and loads/runs, however the

To check that it isn't something with my programs, i went to the samples/win32 and tried to comiple, for example, angle.

It compiles fine, but only a grid displays, the dialog does not.

Trying some other samples, dialogs are not loading.

Any ideas where to search for what was changed in 10.1.024 or some other update that has caused this to occur?


Details on setup as follows: (note except for 10.1.024 update, everything was working/compiling/displaying correctly)

Visual Studio .NET 2003, SP1

XP Pro 2002 SP2

MV C++ Net

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Since no response, i obvioulsy have been trying to figure out why it no longer functions properly.

Apparently, some update has removed or disabled the RC comipliation step in VS 2003

(I also haveVS 2005, although use with another compiler incompatible with Intel)

same problem with samples/angle

It isn't compileing the rc file.

anyone had a similar experience?

anyone know why the rc step disabled/removed?

how does one turn back on the rc step in VS 2003/2005?

Note the rc is in the resource section of the solution/project file, it simply doesn't compile it and include it.

No errors generated, program loads/runs but the dialog doesn't display.

I went through the tedium of installing all to a clean computer and it works fine.

question remains: how do i get it back working correctly on my other computer?

thanks for assistance

I have seen this happen in the past, but not due to a compiler install. In fact, the compiler install is likely to be not related.

Open an Explorer (file directory) window and select Tools > Folder Options> File Types. Find type RC. It should say it is of type "Resource Script". In the cases I have seen before, this got changed to "Text File" or something else. If it is, delete that association then add it back (with New), specifying the type as Resource Script. See if that helps.

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thanks for the tip, that fixed the problem.

I had actually found a solution byusing a custom build on the RC file, but for some reason it woudln't recognize the /i directory argument so I had to move a *.h file to the RC file directory.

One additional question:when is an RC file not an RC file? in other words if a 3rd partyresource editor or other software changes the file Type for an RCfrom a Resource Script, is there a way totell VS to 'compile RC files no matter what!' or possibly alternatively associate whatever the RC is renamed to as a recognizable resource script in VS?

Thanks again for your assistance.


Visual Studio depends on the file associations - I don't know of a way to force it to do something other than a custom build step.

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Thanks again for your assistance.

Do you know whenthe VS build script changed recently to now look at the registered File Type rather than file extension?

RC files have long been associated on my machine with other software and not specifically identified as Resource Script and yet prior versions of VS built them without a problem.

It is only with the latest update that VS now looks at the File Type and therefore ignores the RC file suffix.

To test my theorem, I renamed the angle.rc file from the samples/win32/angle solution as angle.rc-cola

And then made rc-cola file type a Resource Script

added it to the resource file section (and removed resource.rc) and...

And wouldnt ya know, Visual Studio compiles the resource without a hitch.

So it would be of great assistance if Intel Fortran/Visual Studio added to the help file or search tree an entry for

resource compile

which should state

whatever file you include in the Resource Files section of your solution needs to have Resource Script associated with it or else Visual Studio will ignore the file with no message or error or anything. To check the association, simply right click on the file from Windows Explorer to determine what File Type is associated with the suffix. The file type MUST be of type Resource Script or VS will ignore the file.

Without that tidbit of information and with the apparent change in VS behavior, i had a couple frustrating daze trying to figure out why dialogs, etc were not appearing!

Thanks again for your assistance.


When Visual Studio installs, it sets up this relationship. I don't know if doing a "repair" would fix it. I will make a note to add this to our FAQ list.

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