warning LNK4254

warning LNK4254

Hi, I'm trying to use Gino graphic libraries (for CVF) with Intel Fortran 10 compiler. To do that I made a file in wich all the Gino functions that I use are defined as intefraces with the CVF calling convention. Linking the project with the Gino libraries all seems ok, except that some functions crashes at runtimes with an exception access violation message. When building I have to ignore "msvcrtd.lib" because some conflict with "libc.lib" used by Gino libraries; I recive only one warning message saying

libc.lib(crt0init.obj) : warning LNK4254: section'.CRT' (40000040) unit '.data' (C0000040)with different attributes

I don't know exactly if the crashing at run-time is due to this problem, maybe someone can help me to understand what it exactly means?


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Gino is written, at least partially, in C/C++ and MSVC code generation is different depending on whether you are using static or DLL libraries. You have mixed the two and this is likely causing the run-time errors.

If you are using VS2005, then you'll have to get an updated version of Gino that supports it, as VS2005 no longer provides the single-threaded static libraries. If you are using VS2003, then set your Fortran project to use the single-threaded static libraries.

You should contact the Gino folks to see if they have other recommendations.

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