debugger watch window - host associated variables

debugger watch window - host associated variables


Is there special syntax to view host associated
variables in an internal subroutine in the debugger watch window (of
.NET IDE using Intel Compiler 9)?

subroutine host
integer a
subroutine pest
... ! access `a' here - see it in watch window
end subroutine pest
end suboruine host

Needless to say, mere `a' doesn't work.


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No - this is a known problem with a complex solution. I'm told that it will be fixed for our next major release, whenever that ends up happening.

If the variable is a module variable you can reference it as modname::varname, but if it's simply host associated as you have it, you can't.

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I recently found out that the ability to view host associated variables and the ability to view variables in modules withoutqualifyingEACH ONE BY HAND is not to be supported untilsome future release. These missing features render the debugger nearly useless. Please join in in pushing for these features.

It's not generally necessary to qualify module variables, though sometimes it is.

We are committed to resolving these problems but the code changes to do so are significant and the developers don't want to risk destabilizing the compiler in an update that doesn't get an external beta test. If you have comments or concerns, feel free to report the issue to Intel Premier Support and they'll be passed on to the development team.

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It is horrible!!!

Recently I installed Intel Visual Fortran (supposedly the latest, the greatest, the most advanced, etc.) just to find out that the Debugger is useless (it does not show local to contained routines variables).

Steave, this is ridiculous! What "major" release are the Intel Guyswaiting for - a or to fix something that should be expected to be there from the beginning. The feature worked fine in the Microsoft Fortran Power Station 4.0 (in 1990's) and then in Digital/Compaq/HP Visual Fortran.

I am surprised that so few people complain about it. This whole Debugger issue reminds me of a problem in with the Profiler in Digital Fortran. It had worked fine in Microsoft Fortran Power Station 4.0, but after Digital had boughtthe IDEfrom Microsoft and supposedly replaced the compiler, the profiler stopped showing timings for user subroutines (only for run time library routines). It was 1999 or so. Years passed but, to my knowledge, it has never been fixed!!! I am afraid the same will happen to the debugger in the Intel's Fortran...

I hope, time will prove me wrong. For now our group will keep using CVF 6.6.


I am confused by your post. It is true that host-associated variable references don't currently work in the IVF debugger. They will in a future release. However, your comment about module variables doesn't match my observations. It works in IVF exactly as it does in CVF. If you use the module variable in the program unit, you can hover and see the value. It's only when the module variable is not referenced that you have to use the :: syntax. Same as CVF. Do you have an example that shows otherwise?

As for the profiler issue, that was fixed in DVF as soon as it was brought to our attention. (Unfortunately, the MS profiler is not available to us in the new Visual Studio environments.)

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