Error 1316.A network error occured while attempting ...

Error 1316.A network error occured while attempting ...


I want to upgrade my Intel Fortran Compiler 10.0.025 (w_fc_p_10.0.025.exe) to 10.1.013 (w_fc_p_10.1.013.exe) including the Microsoft Visual Studio. For reasons of a clean installation, I want to deinstall the entire old version and subsequently install the new version.

Unfortunately there is not any tool available for a clean deinstallation of the entire package. So I use the Windows tool for deinstallation of the invidual components.

Subsequently I attempt to install the entire new version 10.1.013 and get the error:
Error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file:

Now I want to reinstall the old version again and get the same error as shown above.

Can anyone help me, what the error message mean and how I can solve this problem?
Thanks in advance

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Download and install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Run it and use it to uninstall any Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition you see there, even if it does not appear in Add or Remove Programs. Then try installing again.

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Hello Steve,
thank you for your support. The installation now works and all runs fine.

I think it make sense to make a request for enhancement to Intel to provide a tool for the clean de-installation of the entire program package.

BTW: As I have mentioned erlier at 06/14/2007 in the thread "compiling source files in a certain sequence", this problem is also solved. The IVF Version 10.0.025 (w_fc_p_10.0.025.exe) contains errors that prevent the compiler to determine the correct build sequence of module files. In addition, in version 10.0.025 it is not possible to compile individual files in a project as described in the documentation, because there is no compile option in the context menu available.

Now all problems a solved together with the new version.

I will pass on your suggestion to the development team.

When using Visual Studio Premier Partner Edition, the menu item to compile a single file is not available. This is mentioned in the compiler release notes.

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