GUI with IFC: pro and contra

GUI with IFC: pro and contra

Hello to all!

I would like to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) for my cross-platform software. I use the Intel Fortran Compiler and the Intel Math Kernel Library.
Could I develop the GUI with the Intel Fortran Compiler only?

Please give me arguments pro and contra.

Best regards.

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"GUI" and "cross-platform" will be hard to achieve. IVF can be used for Windows GUI programming, with access to the full Windows API largely provided/supported by Intel, and easily extended. However, there is no universal means of directly coding GUI features which supports other platforms.

There's also GINOMENU, which is cross-platform. I have not used it myself but I have heard nice things about it from customers.

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Steve mentions GINOMENU; I use the Winteracter library for several years now, for GUI, graphic display and interaction. Winteracter is easier to use and less troublesome than the Windows and IVF graphic interfaces, but it's not free, unfortunately.

Winteracter is also not cross-platform, which GINOMENU is. Otherwise, I would not have expressed a preference.

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Steve, Paul
Thanks for reply.

Apologies for the very late response to this thread, but (most unusually!!!) a significant correction is required to something Steve Lionel wrote here.

Winteracter is a cross platform product and has been for many years now. It has supported Linux since 2000 and Mac OS X since 2005. A total of 5 different implementations are available for use with Intel's range of Fortran compilers, across Windows (32 and 64-bit), Linux (32 and 64-bit) and Mac (32-bit). Unlike competitors, we provide our visual development tools across all those platforms too.

Sorry for the misinformation - I thought I had checked this out on the Winteracter site.

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