No syntax highlight for files loaded during debugging

No syntax highlight for files loaded during debugging

With the Visual Studio integration that came with the recent ifort 13 release, if a file is opened in Visual Studio while debugging as a result of a debugger action (a break point is hit, an access violation or similar, a double click on an entry in the call stack) and that file was not already opened in Visual Studio, it then displays without syntax highlighting.

To reproduce, create a new fortran project, add a new f90 source file, insert a skeleton main program with at least one executable statement, set a break point on that executable statement, save the source file, close the source file, select Debug > Start debugging.

(While creating this post I noticed that the Upload multiple files part of the page is being duplicated (identical content appears in two places down the bottom of the page)?)

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Thanks, we'll take a look at this.

Retired 12/31/2016

Ta. I was over-specific with this - any view of a file (including Window > New Window on a previously opened file with syntax highlighting) that gets opened/created while the debugger is active lacks syntax highlighting. This is with VS2010.

Disappointed the release notes don't describe the most important change with xe 2013 - the block comment facility has been fixed!! Hooray!! Gone are the days of accidentally commenting out one line too many...

Thanks, I can reproduce this and have escalated it as issue DPD200236089.

The release notes don't talk about bug fixes - that's what the "README" files at the Intel Registration Center are for.

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I expect this to be fixed in Update 1 - but if not, Update 2.

Retired 12/31/2016

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