Intel Fortran 10 and Composer XE on same computer

Intel Fortran 10 and Composer XE on same computer

We have been running Intel Fortran 10.1 with Visual Studio 2005 and are in the process of upgrading to Intel Composer XE with Visual Studio 2012.  During the transition, it will be helpful to be able to work with projects created in both versions separately.  While I can run both Visual Studio 2005 and 2012 on the same computer, when I go to install Composer XE, it warns me that it is uninstalling the compiler 10.1 integrations which I assumes mean I will not be able to use 10.1 projects in Visual Studio 2005. 

When I was testing a trail version of composer XE, I was able to somehow get both of these working, but for whatever reason this no longer seems to be the case.

Is there a way these can exist simultaneously (short of running in a virtual machine)?  Thanks.

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i am not sure if it works with IVF 10. But it works with ivf 11.
Install IVF compose xe and then install the old version agian.

you have to keep a copy of the old *sln and *vproj files. If you open the projekt both files will be updated to the new version. i keep the old and the new version of both files in different directories and both projects use the same f90 files

For me it works.

As tropfen explained, it seems to be necessary to re-install your old compiler after installing the new one, as well as hiding backup copies of your project files. You will likely be able to re-install at most one older compiler this way.
Note that only the 13.0 (2013) compiler can work with VS2012, and it can't integrate with VS2005, although it still works with VS2008 and 2010.

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Hello Steve,

for me the link you posted ended up with page not found.

i was not able to reply directly to your post. Will there be a new button?


Sorry about the bad link - I have now fixed it.

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Thanks Steve. That was very helpful. I seem to have both compilers installed in their respective versions of Visual Studio. The older version seems to be working fine.

The newer version is working in that I am able to compile, but the debugger isn't working. I am able to set breakpoints but can't watch any variables (none are listed in the autos or locals variables). This is a projected that I converted from the previous version of the compiler. Any suggestions?


I have seen some similar complaints, but have not seen an example. Can you attach a ZIP of a test project that shows this behavior?

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Here is a test project along with the visual studio/compiler info.


Downloadapplication/zip qwin-test.zip1.07 MB
Downloadtext/plain compilerinfo.txt3.11 KB

David, I just tried your test project and I could see the variable "test" in VS2012 just fine when built with the 2013 Intel compiler. Do you not see any Fortran variables when you debug? It could be that the Fortran debug integration did not get installed properly. Look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\Packages\Debugger and right click on each of ForDbgEE.dll and ForDbgSW.dll. Select Properties, Details and make sure they are the 2013 version.

I also suggest that you edit your Intel Developer Zone profile to specify a "Display Name" that is not your email address.

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Thanks Steve. Both of those DLL's you referenced are the 2013 versions. I see no Fortran variables when I debug. As you were able to see the variables in my project, it is something about my installation that did not properly integrate debugging with Fortran. I would think it was just me, but someone else in my office who independently did the same installation (even without having the older version of visual studio and intel fortran installed) had the same problem. One possibility--we are not just installing the Visual Fortran Composer. We are installing from the Parallel Studio XE download with Visual Studio 2012 having been installed ahead of time.

Any ideas how to diagnose the debug integration issue?

Also, I did a repair install and that did not fix the problem.

I did change my display name, but as of now it hasn't affected my previous posts.

I see your new display name in old posts.

I also installed from Parallel Studio XE, so I don't think that's it. How about you try a "repair" on Parallel Studio XE and see what happens. I will ask our debugger developers if they can help diagnose this.

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I first ran a repair on Visual Studio, and then ran a repair on the Parallel Studio XE and still the same problem. Is it possible that we don't have the best version of VIsual Studio 2012 (see my previous post where I uploaded the version information for Visual Studio and Parallel Studio)? It would be great if the debugger developers could help diagnose this.

Would there be any advantage to opening a premier support incident? I posted here initially because I was thinking that this was a relatively simple configuration issue that someone else might have experienced and be able to help me resolve. I am happy to wait to see if the debugger developers have any suggestions.


They say memory is the second thing to go - I forget what the first is.

There is a known issue with the RTM release of VS2012 and the Fortran expression evaluator. It will be fixed in Update 1, due out in early October. What happened is that Microsoft changed the APIs we use in an incompatible way between the "Release Candidate" and actual release versions of VS2012. Sorry to make you go through all that effort. We found out about this after we sent the initial 2013 release to manufacturing (Microsoft had not yet released VS2012 yet.)

It figures - the one time we decide that the timing is close enough that we can claim compatibility with new MS software not yet out, they make a last-minute change. Sigh....

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Thanks. What is the best way to stay on top of when Update 1 is released?

By default, an Intel Software Manager was installed on your system and you'll get a popup automatically notifying you of the update. You can also run this manually from the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 folder in the Start > All programs menu. If you have registered your purchase you should also get an email after it is available.

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