How do I search the forum?

How do I search the forum?


...I have asked this question before, a few years ago, and the answer was "there is a box at the BOTTOM of the web page". ...Well, maybe i'm blind, but I don't see it now,

So how do i search the forum, so as to avoid waisting everyone's space and time asking the same quastions?


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The search box moved to the top right hand corner of the blue Intel software bar, but your favorite search engine, with a specification such as site:, may work better.

I just did a search (with Fortran Forum as the filter) for stack overflow error, and it returned a bunch of stuff with stack, overflow and error in random places in the text. So I put quotes around “stack overflow error” hoping to find only those posts where the 3 words are placed together, and I got:

The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
Your support ID is: 6556468410614648723

And even without the quotes, it never found a post I made with title “stack overflow error”.


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