Problems with launching IVF

Problems with launching IVF


I hope somebody here could help me with what is a very basic problem Iam having with visual fortran composer xe 2013.

Iam a student so I downloaded the trial version to see if it would suit my line of work. I also downloaded microsoft visual studio 2010.

So my problem is that I cannot connect the two of them to run visual fortran composer xe 2013.

From the getting started guide it says iv to open visual studio and and choose the visual fortran template, but I cant see that option anywhere.

Could someone please fill me in on what I'm doing wrong, I feel its something totally obvious but Iv tried for a while now with no luck.

Could it be that they are both trial versions of the software? I plan to buy the software if it works for my line of work.

Thanks and looking forward to any replies.

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Hello Diarmuid,

Did you install Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 for Windows* before or after installing Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010? The compiler has to be installed after Visual Studio.

I would suggest re-installing the compiler or doing a Modify install. Be sure to select the option “Integrate with Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2010 software.”

Intel Developer Support

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