Very Bad problem -- CYCLE

Very Bad problem -- CYCLE

I will submit this to Premier support but has anyone run into this?  This could be a real show stopper...

I ran the problem file in the debugger....

the code looks something like:

  Do x for number of records in the idf
    select case (object name)
    Case (object name)
    More cases including one with a nested case:

    Now, the debugger jumps to something in the middle there but I don't know if thats true or just a weird thing.

    anywho, jumps to the ENDDO

  ENDDO loop

AND EVERYTHING, Loop variable becomes UNDEFINED and bombs.

And -- this worked in previous versions of IVF

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Issue is 687473

Hello Linda,

I am investigating this issue. I will work with you on it through premier support.

Intel Developer Support

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