Controls in Quickwin

Controls in Quickwin

I only recently learned that windows controls can be used "directly" in a program, i.e., without putting them in a dialog box. Apparently this is done by calling the API CreateWindow function. For example, in a Quickwin program, I want to print a query to the screen like "Please type in your name >" and then immediately display an edit box control. Is this possible in Quickwin, or does it require a win32 program? I have had mixed success calling API functions from Quickwin. Can somebody show me a simple example code for this, using say a button or edit box or combo box?

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You'd need to do something called "subclassing" that would allow you to write your own routine for handling messages for that window. This is not something simple, though you can study the QuickWin sample POKER to see an example of it. I don't know if this really helps you, though.

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Thanks Steve. I was afraid of that. I have bumped into subclassing before and wish to avoid it. I had hoped there was a simple way to throw up an edit box (for example) in a text screen to aid user input of data. I don't wish to go the dialog-box route either. I have been experimenting with hard-coding of a simulated edit box using nothing more than the Quickwin text functions (settextwindow etc.) and will continue to do so.

We did this years ago in DOS Fortran (with a little assembler help) and found it pretty easy! Those routines have served well for 25 years but it's time to replace them for the future.

If anybody else has already done this, or has other suggestions, please let me know.

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