recent releases and vista support

recent releases and vista support

I have a couple of questions regarding the recent July and October releases. The July release states "Support for the following versions of Windows has been dropped: ... Windows Vista* ... Support for Windows XP* has been deprecated" The October release states that "Microsoft Windows XP* SP3," is supported" and then goes on to say "Support for Microsoft Windows XP* is deprecated – a future major release of Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE will not support Windows XP" As I have 3 Vista development systems the implication from the release notes is that I need to upgrade Windows to 7 or 8. I tried the October release install on 2 of these systems and the installs appear to work. I can compile and run examples from within Visual Studio and from the command prompt. Was does not supported mean in this case? Any timescales on actually dropping XP support? I want to budget and plan upgrades to these systems.

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I believe not supported means that those Windows versions (which are no longer adequately supported by Microsoft) aren't tested during development of Intel software tools.
Among the issues is that Intel discontinues testing of hardware platforms which are no longer in production, but the older OS versions may not be suitable for current production hardware.
If Vista were to be supported fully on current ifort releases, it would require testing VS Shell and together with VS2012 C++. I suppose you are on firmer ground with Vista and VS2008. I would expect VS2008 to continue to be supported until a successor to VS2012 appears.
I don't have direct knowledge of the decisions to which you refer; I'm simply extrapolating from observing past practice.

Hi TimP, thanks very much for the reply. I can live with not tested fully and unsupported if it works with my hardware and VS 2010. I have one development system that runs Windows 7 so that will run VS 2012, which I have to support sometime soon. My main problem are the clients I work with. I gave a Fortran course earier this year to the RAF in the UK. They use Fortran IV! This is Fortran before the block if and Fortran 77. I'd forgotten how ugly and unreadable Fotran couild be. Thanks again.

If Fortran IV remains in use in UK it may explain why Polyhedron is the only vendor still supporting old to newer Fortran translation tools.
I still have my GE 635 Fortran IV manual. Included among documented extensions to f66 are Namelist and < and > as synonyms for relational operators.

I don't anticipate us dropping XP support until sometime in 2014. Of course, older versions of the compiler continue to be available for those who cannot upgrade their OS.

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