Debuging a Fortran library from a C++\CLI Dll

Debuging a Fortran library from a C++\CLI Dll

I am using visual studio 2010 and have a Fortran Library that I am linking to a C++\CLI dll.  The code is basically the same as the mixed language C_calls_Fortran sample, however the C program was changed to a  C++\CLI dll.  Everything works ok, the Fortran subroutine executes and returns correctly.  However I can't debug into the Fortran subroutine when called.  I have no problems debugging if I link the library to a C program as in the C_calls_Fortran sample

Has anyone had success debug from C++\CLI into Fortran? Or is this a limitation of using CLI

Compiler Version is Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE



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You say "C++/CLI dll". What's the exe that runs that DLL?

I am using using a .net exe ( winforms) . Everything seems in order I can debug into the c++ code (from, but as soon as I step into one of the fortran functions it gets stepped over?

Very strange

In your VB.NET project, select Properties > Debug. Scroll down the page and check the box "Enable unmanaged code debugging". Click Ok.

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Excellent thanks very much Lionel. That works perfectly, not sure how I missed that option.

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