Convert vfproj from application to library

Convert vfproj from application to library

Sigh.  I just spent nearly an hour looking up everything and carefully setting all of the properties and directories in a project and realized that after I did it all that I had created an application vfproj instead of a library one.  Is there an easy way to convert between the two without me having to go back through and redo all of the settings?


*edit: replaced the vcproj with vfproj as pointed out by commenters*

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(Intel people - look over there - a flying saucer!)

While they are distracted, add a new (empty) library project to your solution, save the solution, back up the erroneous application project's vfproj file, then open the application vfproj and the empty lib vfproj in your difference/merge tool of choice and splice your changes in as appropriate.

(Oh sorry, my mistake, it was just a funny looking cloud.)

I sure hope that you meant vfproj rather than vcproj if you're asking here, though Ian's suggestion would probably work for a vcproj too.

I've done the sort of thing Ian suggests and it should work fine if you're careful. The part with the files and directories is distinct from the part with the project options. You may be able to just copy/paste the files part into the newly created library project. Once you open the file with a text editor you'll understand.

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I must say that this is a tad more complicated than just a diff/merge. I think I understand a lot of the things that are going into the file, but it does take careful comparison to make sure I'm not copying the wrong thing over. The difficulty is that this is one of those projects that doesn't work unless a specific set of compatibility flags are turned on, including some powerstation compatibility. And since I've got everything going to somewhat unusual directories such that I can fit in the standard model we have for SVN projects, it gets kind of difficult to read. As soon as I finish the template, everything will be easy I think.

So what does the Module Definition File do in the librarian?

A .def file is typically used when building or linking DLLs - it is input to the linker. You can read about these in the Intel Fortran documentation or at I would not typically expect to see a .def file in a static library project, but would in a DLL project.

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