different IVF on same PC..

different IVF on same PC..

Currently, I'm using IVF 11.1.065 under MS Visual Studio 2008.

I'm considering to move to Fortran Composer XE 2013, but there're lots of old projects in my old IVF.

Is it possible to run different version of IVF in single PC??

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You might be interested in earlier posts on this subject. 2 ifort versions (not more) can be integrated into VS. You may need to re-install the older one after installing a new one.

There is a somewhat subtle issue with regard to using old VS project files with a newer version of VS. With some versions of VS, the VS Shell provided with Intel Fortran may not allow project files to be "upgraded" to the new version of VS, and a full install of VS is needed to make such upgrading possible.

My understanding was that there was no desire to change VS versions (and VS2008 with service packs is still fully supported), so there shouldn't be an issue with project files.

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