Switching product on to different computer

Switching product on to different computer


I recently installed intel visual fortran studio xe2013 on my laptop. But I now need to uses this software on a desktop computer. Can I deactivate the code on my laptop and use it on another computer?


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It's OK to install the compiler on both computers used by the same licensee if only one at a time is in use, or, if, as you say, the license is present on only one at a time. This is written out specifically in the license terms. I note that the search tool isn't giving me a current copy of the relevant license. If you need that before you have an installation, you could ask on the forum about licensing. It's in the installation, in the Documentation\en_US folder.

Howevr, note that if you want to use the full version of MSVS, then two licenses of Visual Studio are required, even though only one license of IVF is needed.


Intel Software Development Products License Agreement

What Tim and David say is correct.

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