Any way to suppress text scrolling?

Any way to suppress text scrolling?

I have a graphics application where I want to put some debugging output in the

same window as the graphics. One reason is to have some solicited input within the grahics window.

The problem is; if there is scrolling when the text ouput reaches the bottom of the screen, it destroys the graphics.

What I would like to do is a "wraparound" of the text so that the graphics is intact.


I realize you can do a SET TEXT POSITION to put the text back at the top left,

but that involves some messy testing of where it IS on the screen all thru the debug code.

So ideally one should be able to disable the scrolling and wraparound the text instead.

That way you always get the LATEST text output.

Or one could allow scrolling WITHOUT affecting the graphics.

So, is this achievable?

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Is it QuickWin graphics?
If I want to output informative stuff, I use MessageBox (preferred to the MESSAGEBOXQQ of QuickWin).
For open-ended output, I would display a modal dialog box containing a list box control to which you can send your comments and an edit box from which you can get input if you so wish. You can mix QuickWin and windows modal dialog boxes.

Thanks for tip - I will research this a bit. I do normally use Quickwin.

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